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- Christine Nippe, 2009
Capturing mutability as a moment in time:
Christine Schulz's photographs and paper pieces

- Annett Reckert, 2009
Courses for horses

- Christine Nippe, 2007
Fluid images, fluid spaces - the art of Christine Schulz

- Aeneas Bastian, 2007
Beauty before disappearance: Christine Schulz's images of the accelerated world

- Beate Anspach, 2006

- John Armleder, 2002
Lost in the City

Aeneas Bastian

Beauty before disappearance: Christine Schulz's images of the accelerated world

Movies, UB, Flug / Flight, Casino, Weltrennen / World Race, Spielwelt / Games World , no Limits: the titles of Christine Schulz's works describe characteristic aspects of life in our era with brevity and precision. In her media installations, composed of individual images, photographs and film scenes which are overlaid with sound, multiple projections criss-cross and overlap each other on projection surfaces made of polystyrene or cardboard. The viewer has to find their own point of reference within the orchestrated maze of images that are in ever-changing movement without ever allowing themselves to be forced into linear narratives. Schulz succeeds in overcoming spatial and temporal limitations to fuse things that are inseparably disparate in the form of images which can be experienced simultaneously.
Appropriations and transformations are the fundamental stages of her reworking of the visual material she finds around her. The reality of our world as presented by media reflections is the subject she deals with.
Alongside her video and media installations, Schulz has created numerous works on paper over the past few years, most of them are small scale, but some have larger formats. These works are another manifestation of the artist's interest in the interconnections between different modern media. Schulz cuts out coloured foils and uses this as a backing or overlay for printed and copied images, and the different layers of these pieces add up to form collages. In them, Christine Schulz captures compressed, frozen time - the polar opposite of time's expansion in her media installations. She shows us images with the seemingly unending dynamism of means of transport in motion and in flight, images which are focussed on a particular moment due to their photographic concentration and which are therefore literal freeze frames. The result is strongly coloured combinations of neon signs, large-scale advertisements, house walls, robots, trains, urban transport, boats, cars and airplanes in surroundings and settings that are filled to capacity. These concentrated trappings of urban life and futuristic means of transport evoke the latent threat and the possible collapse of the high-speed communication and travel of our globalised economy and worldwide tourism. Christine Schulz makes it clear that our world is being unavoidably used up and destroyed by the unimpeded acceleration of a hedonistic, gratification-fixated society. Confronted with this premise, one ultimately has to ask the very fundamental question about what art can achieve.
What essence imbues Christine Schulz's work? The artist is not content in conveying conceptual criticism of contemporary society in her media installations and collages, her work cannot be grasped using the intellect alone but instead needs to be experienced with the senses too. The threatened beauty of the world repeatedly comes to the fore in the colourful, contrasting visions she depicts; it is a beauty that is present in the crest of a huge, terrible wave about to swallow up a big ship, or in the snaking chains of Formula 1 racing cars as they threaten to collide with each other in an accident with potentially catastrophic results.