IVO, 2016

X-halfway, 2015/2016

Place, Palace, Palazzo, 2015


agora-channel.net, in collaboration with Ingo Rabe, 2014

Delphic raft, CACT, Thessaloniki, 2014

channel-tube-tunnel-27092013-06102013, Kunstverein Bochum e.V. im Rahmen von BLOWIN' FREE, Emscherkunst.2013

GODSPEED VI, Projektraum Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin, 2013

Lone Pine, 2013
LA-Drive 1, 2013
LA-Drive 2, 2013
Mojave-Desert 1, 2013
San Mateo, 2013
FINE, 2013

California Calling, 2013, Souterrain, Berlin
Zabriskie Point, 2013
FELIX, 2013
Bullitt, 2013
Golden Gate, 2013

070716-090306, 2012, Filmmuseum Fankfurt/ Main

VENTOUX V, 2014, Worpswede
VENTOUX IV, 2012, Schloss Salder
VENTOUX III, 2012, Bochumer Kunstverein
Bärenfalle, 2012
Concordia, 2012
P12, 2012
Eismeer, 2011
Maelström, 2011
VENTOUX II, 2011, Dumbo Arts Festivals, Brooklyn, New York
Wunderland I, 2011
Wanderung, 2011
Löwe, 2011
Central Park, 2011
Am Morgen, 2011
Marquis de Pombal, 2011
Leopardenzimmer, 2011
VENTOUX I, 2011, galerie upstairs berlin, Berlin

GODSPEED V, Kunstverein Erfurt, Erfurt, 2011

limites, 2010, in collaboration with Ingo Rabe, Round The Corner, Lissabon

Coney Island, 2010
CYCLON, 2010
NY, 2010
BCC I in Berlin, 2010
BCC II in Berlin, 2010
Berlin, 2010
Gerüst, 2010
Coney Island, 2001
Depot, 2010, Städtische Galerie Nordhorn

GODSPEED IV, 2010, DISPLAY, Frankfurt am Main

, 2009, in collaboration with Ingo Rabe, Isola Bella, Italien

Quest - die Suche
, 2009, Kölnischer Kunstverein

PLACEBO, 2009, KV Leverkusen Schloss Morsbroich
TGW, 2009
Beatles, 2009
Marseille, 2009
WALL, 2009
M. Jackson, 2009
ARENA, 2009

FLICKA + FURY, 2008, Parcours, Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel
GAZAR, 2008, Parcours, Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel
Circus, 2008, Parcours, Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel
Hadban Enzahi, 2008
Botero, 2008
Fortuna Wette I, 2008
Fortuna Wette II, 2008
Wälzendes Pferd, 2008   
Um den Teppich reiten, 2008

GODSPEED III, 2008, Parkhaus, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf
Looping, 2008  
Fliegenpilze, 2008
Concorde, 2008
GODSPEED II, 2008, Nordlichter, KV Hannover
GODSPEED I, 2007, no Limits, upstairs berlin, Berlin
Zug Italien,  2007
Flughafen Sizilien, 2007
cinema AMERICA, 2007/09
Stadtwolke, 2007
Flugzeug, 2007
Am Meeresgrund, 2007
Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde, 2007
Flieger I, 2007
Flieger II, 2007
Flugzeug S/W, 2006
Zimmer mit rotem Fussboden, 2007
Autorennen, 2007
Helgoland-Mexico City, 2006
Hong Kong II,  1999

ODDS Berlin, 2007, Placemakers, Curators without Borders, Berlin

Fußball Anhalterbahnhof, 2007

TUNNEL, 2006, Ortstermin, Düsseldorf

ALERT, 2006, up2date, Elektron, Breda, NL

MOVIES, 2005, eher parallel als chronologisch, galerie weißer elefant, Berlin-Mitte

CASINO, 2005, Parkhaus, Düsseldorf

Flugzeuge, 2005
Rakete, 2005
Titanic, 2005
Shinjuku, 2005
Astronauten, 2005
Starfighter, 2005
Turbine, 2005
Autos, 2005
2 Raketen, 2005
Communication I, 2005
Communication II, 2005
2001, 2005
Flug, 2005
New Generation, 2005
Metro, 2005
Raketentourismus, 2005

Weltrennen, 2004, Kunstverein Gifhorn
Welle, 2004
Pferderennen 2, 2004                           
Pferderennen 1, 2004
MAL, 2004  

UB, 2003, Sehnsucht des Kartografen, KV Hannover
Spielwelt, 2003, licht an - licht aus, Meisterschülerausstellung HBK Braunschweig

Genua, 2002, Perspektiven, Kunstverein Hannover

Flug, 2002, NordWestKunst, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
Seoul, 2002
LAN, 2002

TOK, 2002, Ein Treppenhaus für die Kunst, Niedersächsisches Ministerium Für Wissenschaft und Kultur, Hannover

Tiere, 2001, HBK Braunschweig

TV, 2001

Aetna, 2001, HBK Braunschweig

Gulli, 2000, Scape, Foro Artistico, Hannover

Hirsch I, 2000/2005
Hirsch II, 2000/2005
Playland, 2000, HBK Braunschweig

WM 1998, in collaboration with Ingo Rabe, HBK Braunschweig


Dimensions variable, DV projections, slide projections, overhead projections, corrugated cardboard, record player, plastic foil, mixed media

The large-scale multimedia installation was developed for an exhibition at Kunstverein Leverkusen Schloss Morsbroich.
The exhibition space measures 160 square meters with a height of 3 meters.

Corrugated cardboard spreads out in the darkened exhibition space, creating a claustrophobic labyrinth. Inside, still and moving pictures, light and other sounds condense into a complex network of references, references to popular culture, music, film and visual arts.


The video shown at the beginning confronts the viewer with visitors of the PS1 in New York, walking on a floor-based installation by artist Christian Marclay, consisting of hundreds of vinyl records covering the ground of the museum. The movie plays in slow-motion.

In another, fast-edited video projection pictures of neurons and LSD-blotter mix with portraits of pop stars, diagrams of drug-molecules and sequences from infamous drug-movies.

Inweaved with Pictures of industrial plants of the Bayer-company, based in Leverkusen, and their logo. 1889 Bayer launched a tranquilizer and pain killer, which was about to achieve an evil reputation. The product's name: heroin.

Furthermore psychedelic patterns and light-effects demand attention. Placed on a turntable, illuminated from the inside and repleted with apertures a cylinder spins round, a reference to the so called dream machines which originated in the context of the beatnik-movement in the 1950s. The video of a sunset that is projected on the cardboard-wall here was shot with a camera that was placed on a rotating turntable as well.