- Team 404 -

Lovely Musikprojekt, 1999

As part as the Team 404 with Prof. John M. Armleder

The core of the artist group Team 404 was the Braunschweig university class of Prof. John M. Armleder.
The constellation changed and expanded semester after semester and from project to project. The action radius of the team extended from Braunschweig into the (art) world: New York, Seoul, Geneva, Berlin and Shanghai.

Den Kern der Künstlergruppe Team 404 bildete die Braunschweiger Hochschulklasse von  Prof. John M. Armleder.
Die Konstellation änderte und erweiterte sich Semester für Semester und von Projekt zu Projekt. Der Aktionsradius des Teams erstreckte sich von Braunschweig aus in die (Kunst)Welt: New York, Seoul, Genf, Berlin und Shanghai.

Especially spectacular the publication Yellow Pages with artworks by over 500 international artists.

Besonders spektakuär die Publikation Yellow Pages mit Kunstwerken von über 500 internationalen Künstlern.

Team 404 with John M. Armleder solicited original graphic works made on A4 paper from over 500 artists (Corrie Colbert, Sylvie Fleury, Thomas Hirschhorn, Odili Donald Odita, Michael Snow)--"be it a text, sketch, drawing, picture, or whatever suits your mind," the letter said. The works were displayed in a gallery, then each was randomly put together with another artist's work to be reproduced as a black double print on yellow paper.

Das Team 404 mit John M. Armleder bat über 500 Künstler (Corrie Colbert, Sylvie Fleury, Thomas Hirschhorn, Odili Donald Odita, Michael Snow) um grafische Originalarbeiten auf A4-Papier - "sei es ein Text, eine Skizze, eine Zeichnung, ein Bild oder was immer Ihnen einfällt", hieß es in dem Schreiben. Die Werke wurden in einer Galerie ausgestellt und dann nach dem Zufallsprinzip mit dem Werk eines anderen Künstlers zusammengeführt, um als schwarzer Doppeldruck auf gelbem Papier reproduziert zu werden.




404, 504 and so on. The Armleder Class at the Braunschweig School of Art acts as a production studio since 1995. Successive teams have activated a continuum of projects including exhibitions, sound and music surrounding events, publications, fanzines, movie and video lounges, coffeeshops and champagne bars. These series of events are the core of the experiences conducted either individually or collectively in the Armleder Class as a type of autonomous playground for the Arts. They turn out to be signature events shared by a large community in the field today, and are often engineered as invitational propositions. The short history of the Armleder Class has seen over 60 students within the past seven years that have engaged projects with over 60 artists worldwide, including established and emerging figures, such as Lawrence Weiner, Maurizio Catellan, Vanessa Beecroft, Haim Steinbach, Wim Delvoye, Julian Opie, Ugo Rondinone, Sylvie Fleury, Oliver Mosset, Steven Parrino, Karen Kilimnik, Maurizion Nanucci, Genesis P. Orridge. The Armleder Class goes on tour from time to time, and was hosted by American Fine Arts in New-York recently.

It will travel to Seoul in Spring 2002 and will present at the Dukwon Gallery the exhibition titled after Ed Ruscha with a sentence that epitomizes the very spirit of the Class : You Won‘t Know WHEN, You Won‘t Know WHERE, You Won´t Know WHO, You Won´t Know WHY.
Prof. John M. Armleder